• Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

First time to Pilates or Barre?

We love beginners, and we've got your completely covered! There are lots of things to do and remember during your first class, and your coordination and breathing might feel strange but it wont always feel like this. Your next class, and the classes after, will start to make more and more sense and your body will adjust to the method. Here a few key things to keep in mind:

Find Your Core

One of the first things you will learn in Pilates or Barre class is the ability to connect into your deeper abdominal muscles to effectively utilize your entire core. This means that your standard operating posture will require you to draw your lower abdominals in and up through the exercises to strengthen the core muscles and the whole body. Keeping your abdominals engaged at all times will help to improve your overall posture, assist you with movements in and out of the studio, and compliment additional types of exercise activities.


A great part of Pilates and Barre focuses on breathing, and it is very likely that the instructor will emphasize this during exercises. Listen to these instructions and breathe out and in at the correct times. This will make your movements and exercises more efficient and effective. Focus on your breathing and avoid holding your breath during any exercise – this will starve your muscles from oxygen and your exercises won’t be as effective as they should be.

Hydration is key

Even though a Pilates class is not high impact, it is still very intense and it is possible to dehydrate quite significantly during your exercises. It is very important that you keep your level of hydration up and that you take regular sips during the exertion period, rather than waiting until class is over before drinking. Keep your water bottle at hand and sip, sip, sip! Also ensure that you well hydrated before the class and learn to drink water during the day, even on the days that you are not exercising.


What should you wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable in when you exercise. Try to wear something that you feel good in too. If you feel good about yourself, you are one step closer to feeling encouraged and motivated. Shoes are not necessary for your Pilates Session or Barre class, but we do require that socks are worn for hygienic purposes and we sell specialized socks specifically made for class at the studio.

What should you bring?

You don’t need to bring anything with you. We have mats, equipment, a water cooler, towels and a shower to rinse off in after your session. If you would like to, you can bring a reusable water container to fill up at the cooler. Otherwise, we've got you covered!

How will you feel during and after the session?

Some people say they already feel the benefits after just one Pilates class. After spending the first session learning and understanding the breathing techniques and ‘finding your core’ you will leave feeling relaxed, energised and feel like you have used muscles you never knew existed!

Power Pilates

What is Pilates?

Every move we make in our daily life - sitting, standing, walking, and lifting - is supported by the core muscles of the stomach, back and pelvis. Pilates, developed nearly a century ago by Joseph Pilates, is the most evolved system for strengthening these important core muscles. Pilates encompasses more than 500 controlled exercises on six pieces of apparatus and the mat. It relies on the interplay of mind, body, and spirit to achieve total fitness. Each exercise balances strength, stability, stretch, and stamina to improve posture, reduce stress, and create long, lean muscles.

Who can do Pilates?

Everyone and anyone willing to dedicate themselves to regular Pilates sessions. Pilates is beneficial to young and old, men and women, elite athletes and the physically challenged. The exercises are organized into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and super advanced workouts so that expert instructors can customize each session

Why Power Pilates?

Through Power Pilates you will be empowered to discover your inner strength, transform mind and body, increase stamina, improve your health and achieve a new and exciting physical well being. Your body will totally transform from the inside out. Your posture will improve, your abdominals, back and buttocks will strengthen and become more visibily toned, and your arms and legs will become leaner. Your energy level will dramatically increase. Chronic back pain and other debilitating physical ailments will decrease significantly as your range of motion and mobility improves. Peope around you will notice a substantial difference in your overall appearance.

Through Power Pilates, our students discover a profound sense of community. From our beginnings, Power Pilates has sought to create a Pilates community in the spirit of Joseph Pilates - energetic, committed and ever evolving.

What is the difference between Power Pilates and Pilates?

Power Pilates IS Pilates! Power Pilates honors the legacy of Joseph Pilates through a solid classical Pilates foundation supplemented by a thorough understanding of the human body and our exclusive Art of Teaching.

How does Pilates prevent injuries?

Pilates was originally created to help rehabilitate soldiers wounded in World War I and then later injured dancers. In fact, the modern day Reformer with its spring resistance and sliding carriage was developed to help patients exercise while they were confined to bed. Where traditional methods of training tend to produce short, bulky muscles that are more prone to injury, Pilates elongates the spine, makes muscles more elastic and joints more flexible, which reduces the potential for injury. Many professional athletes practice Pilates to keep their bodies strong and injury free.

Will I lose weight doing Pilates?

Engaging in any exercise regime that you enjoy increases body awareness and self esteem, which are essential to weight loss. If you commit to Pilates, you will achieve a trimmer appearance, since the exercises are designed to build long lean muscles. Usually within 10 training sessions, people see significant changes flatter stomachs, lost inches, better posture. This kind of musculature increases calorie burning potential. Pilates also promotes deep and efficient respiration essential for burning calories and regenerating tissue. More advanced students who are able to execute more difficult exercises with greater efficiency find Pilates to be extremely aerobic.

How is Pilates different from other exercise methods?

Pilates trains the body from the inside out. You learn how to engage and stabilize the muscles of the core to initiate movement, rather than using movement to activate the muscles. During a Pilates session, the focus is on the quality of movement rather than repetitions, so that one leaves the studio feeling invigorated, rather than exhausted. Unlike other forms of exercise that encourage breaks between workouts, Pilates can be practiced every day. That's because Pilates is more than just a form of strength training; you work toward mind/body integration and educating the body to move more efficiently.

Beyond Barre

What is BeyondBarre?

BeyondBarre is a 60- minute workout designed to sculpt, strengthen, and stretch the muscles. Creating a long and lean physique. Small weights, abdominal work, muscle isolations, functional training, and classical ballet exercises are done to get that dancer’s body we all want. Stretching is emphasized to guarantee these elongated muscles.

The BeyondBarre GlideBoard is used as the cardio component to increase stamina and cardiovascular health.

The Barre progressions sculpt the entire body focusing on the legs but also challenging the core and lengthening the arm muscles. Balls and bands are used to increase the difficulty challenging the workout even more.

Who is BeyondBarre for?

BeyondBarre is for everybody! Each instructor is trained to instruct clients of all fitness levels and abilities. If you have an injury, instructors use specific modifications to prevent further injury and also strengthen the weakened area of the body. Each class is set to a certain rhythm and pace but encourages each client to work at their ability and listen to their body. Instructors promote support and camaraderie within each class.

What is the BeyondBarre GlideBoard?

The Glide Board is a 4, 4.5, or 5 feet long board used for the cardio portion of the workout. It is comprised of slick plastic surface, two stoppers, and two bumpers. By using canvas ballet slippers or ToeSox Ultra Sport on the board you can create a side-to-side gliding motion which increases your stamina and endurance.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable workout clothes, like yoga pants and tank tops. Make sure they’re not too baggy so the instructor can make sure you are in proper alignment.

Can I wear socks from home?

Socks that we wear every day do not absorb moisture. Canvas is thicker than a sock but gives the same feeling. The grip-less ToeSox are a wicking material that doesn’t allow moisture to escape. When gliding, any sweat can prevent from getting across the board and stop the movement in mid-action.